For Musicians
A new distribution mode
Since the appearance of MP3 files and online music streaming,the sale of music has seen an abysmal decline in profitability for the artists. Whether signed by a major orthat they are self-produced, they are forced to broadcast their music for a virtually non-existent remuneration.The sale of records during concerts also becomes problematic since the public has littlemore specific equipment, readers disappearing even from modern vehicles. Only a few rareaudiophiles have CD or vinyl turntables and it is necessary to note that the only way to distribute one’s musictoday consists of distributing it in dematerialised form.Musicone One Click was designed by a self-produced musician forallow the sale of dematerialized music mainly at the end of the concerts at a time when the public still moved by the stage performance of the artist, wishesarrange the pieces he has just listened to. The sale is done in the form of a QrCode ticket allowing to download immediatelyor deferred music on the buyer’s mobile phone.Music One Click also allows to sell music in MP3 on the site of the musicians or to send by mail an albumdematerialised during concerts canvasses with a dashboard tracking downloads of songs, these downloads cannot be performedonly once.
For the Public
Immediate access to music on smartphone