distribute your music in one click !

by qrcodes

In addition to the CD or Vinyl media that you offer to your audience, you can distribute your music through notebooks from QrCodes. By scanning a ticket with a mobile phone, each spectator downloads his disc in the form of Mp3 and a PDF booklet.

You download your tickets in PDF ready to be printed on a black and white printer or we can send them as paper notebooks.

by email


We send you the disc by this mail virtual Variation of artists of our project Songs various and hope you enjoy listening to it.

By clicking on this link you will download an archive in ZIP format which can open on your phone laptop or your computer containing the whole of our songs in MP3 format. You will also find the disc booklet at PDF format.

Do not hesitate to contact us if our music please we would love to come day within your radio.

Musically yours

The team of various songs

on your web site

Buy and load

A purchase button on your website for your virtual disk allows you everyone to download your discs in one click!

You make your Paypal Ticket on your site, you get the money and provide the click !